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Christine Jacobs
Integrative Child Pyschologist

"Hello, I'm Christine, an Integrative Child Psychotherapist.

Through the development of their emotional resilience and confidence I enable my clients to gain independence to manage challenges in a range of areas such as; anxiety, bullying, parental separation and divorce, bereavement, abuse and trauma.

Within my sessions I use an integrated model of practice, using the arts and creativity to engage playfully with my clients to help support and develop their internal strength. I use a range of creative interventions, adapting sessions to meet the age and referral needs of each client that I see.

I have experience of supporting children who are suffering from disorders connected with attachment and disruption to their emotional development. My skills also include an extensive awareness of psychiatric diagnoses in children and adolescents and a thorough knowledge of safeguarding procedures.

If a young person is waiting for an assessment or appointment with any external agencies, for example CAMHS, I can provide initial support and the experience of working systemically to support young people and their families.

I currently do not work with adopted children, siblings or any child who is currently involved in, or included in, impending court action or family court.

Face to Face sessions are held at Arch Clinic. Sessions are held in the afternoons from around 3pm during the week, with the exception of Wednesdays.

Sessions run for 50 minutes.

As part of my initial assessment process offer a free confidential consultation over the phone to discuss information about referral needs, family history and to help you decide how my sessions will be supportive.

Contact me for more information or to make an appointment to discuss my practice in more detail."

07759 688373

Registered member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Registration Number: 2011171541

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