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Anna Garratt


Hypnosis is a specific state of relaxed focus, in which you will be guided by and respond to suggestions for the benefit of your situation.  It is not 'just a relaxed state'.  Research continues to be done to show the efficacy of Hypnosis.  

I believe that, within time, Hypnosis will be used by the NHS just as Mindfulness is now being prescribed by GPs and rolled out in some schools.

I've been incredibly fortunate to be one of a small number of Therapists, who have been trained in Hypnotherapy and PSTEC by world renowned, Tim Phizackerley, who is most commonly known as 'Britain's Fastest Hypnotist' and creator of PSTEC. 


To contact Anna or to find out more about her work and Calmology, please call: 07502 321 405 or email Facebook: - Website:

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